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The Great Divide ... I hate democracy, absolutely!

The Great Divide ... I hate democracy, absolutely! En020064

ABC TV - Australia -

The True Face of Islam

Australian subscribers may have caught ABC television's "60 Minutes" programme last Sunday night? "The Great Divide" - dealing with 'Multiculturalism'. During the programme an Islamic leader spoke the truth about Muslim intentions for Australia. He was very open about bringing down the Australian way of life and establishing Sharia in Australia. Said he; "You have to hate democracy and love Sharia". His goal; an Islamic Australia. Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, a trained architect and former Christian from South Australia, told 60 Minutes that Islam and multiculturalism can never coexist. "I hate democracy, absolutely. With my heart, my speech and my hands, as much as I can," Mr Siddiq-Conlon says in the interview. Australian-born Mr Siddiq-Conlon is promoting an Islamic state in Australia through his group "Sharia for Australia". For those Australians who feel that groups such as these will simply fade away - think again. Our leaders, many pastors, and our politicians are simply ignorant of Islamic ambitions for Australia and New Zealand. This eye-opening programme is well worth a viewing.

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we need to behead democracy from its roots, everyday we should attack their systems and replace it with islam

we need to behead democracy from its roots, everyday we should attack their systems and replace it with islam En020056

British salafi Abu Mounisa - The Islamic Awakening Conference -

The True Face of Islam

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Moderate Islam forced on Australian Muslims

Moderate Islam forced on Australian Muslims En020031

Channel 9 - Australia -

The True Face of Islam

Moderate Islam forced on Australian Muslims A spokesman for international Islamist group Hizb Ut-Tahrir has said democracy is an illusion and that the government is forcing moderate Islam on Australian Muslims. Uthman Badar told the TODAY show the illusion of secular democracy short-sold the people. I think people have come to see that democracy is more of an illusion in that it secures the interests not of the people but of the economic elite, he said. What we're saying is the secular democratic process has short-sold the people and it's better that people go back to the grassroots. Mr Badar said the government was funding inter-faith dialogues and institutions in Sydney and Melbourne that promote moderate Islam. "All people should accept that it's not acceptable for a state to tell people this is what you should believe and this is what you should not believe," he said. The issue is the government should not be taking sides in saying 'This is the Islam we have chosen for you — it's a secular, apolitical, localised Islam. If you do anything else, here's the anti-terror laws, we're going to chuck you in jail. More than 500 participants at a Hizb Ut-Tahrir conference in Western Sydney heard on Sunday that Australia was a god-forsaken country and that moderate Islam was a perverted concoction of western governments. The group is banned in many parts of the Middle East but operates legally in Australia and in 40 other countries. Hizb Ut-Tahrir supports the establishment of a Islamic state but rejects the use of violence to achieve it.

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